NEKONOTE Handmade Shop sells matching accessories for pets and their owners.
We carry many unique handmade products that you won’t find anywhere else.
We have two lines of products. The Kimono Series and the Art Series.

The Kimono Series are one-of-a-kind pet collars and human accessories made from kimonos that have been passed down from generation to generation.

The Art Series are accessories based on famous paintings from around the world.
The accessories are made from specially ordered original fabrics and are only available at this store.

NEKONOTE Handmade Shop (Online Shopping for International Customers)

KIMONO series

Accessories using vintage kimonos

ネコノテ堂 猫の首輪 おそろいアクセサリー アンティーク着物 和柄 首輪 販売 通販 ハンドメイド

ART series

Accessories using original printed fabrics with motifs of famous paintings from around the world