Kimono Wearing Lesson

Learn how to wear kimono.
Lean kimono rules and manners.
Help you find a kimono style that you would love.

I’d like to communicate with each other both in English and Japanese. You can learn Japanese at the same time as wearing a kimono.

Location: 5 minutes walk from Nishitetsu Kurume Station (Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture)
* Since this is a private home, we will inform you the location after applying for the lesson.
* There is a cat. Cats do not enter the lesson room, but please refrain from those who are not good at cats or who are allergic to cats.

Please contact us to book a lesson.
instructor : YAMASHITA

Yukata lesson for beginner

Learn how to put on Yukata (summer kimono) and Hanhaba Obi yourself.

One day 2 hours lesson
  private / \6,600
  two people applying together / \11,000

  *prepare your own Yukata

Kimono lesson

Learn how to put on kimono and learn different type of obi tying .
Choose a style that you would like to learn.
Make lessons along individual needs and goals.

  \6,600 per person / lesson (90min)

  Rental kimono is available. (up to a height of about 165 cm.)

necessary for wearing women’s kimono

①hadajuban : upper underwear for kimono

②susoyoke : underskirt /half slip / petticoat


④nagoya-obi : slightly less casual than a han-haba-obi fukuro-obi : obi for formal

⑤naga-juban : undergarment(with Han-eri sewn in)

⑥hanhaba obi : casual obi/half the width of a regular obi


⑧obijime : obijime cord / obi cord / final cord

⑨obiage : obiage cloth, a piece of cloth for obi

⑩erishin : interlining for collars / siffener

⑪datejime : “datejime” sash (belt) x2

⑫koshihimo : a long thin fabric used like a string and belt x5

⑬towel x3

⑭obi-makura : obi pad / pad for obi

⑮obi-ita : obi-ita board

⑯tabi : tabi socks

⑰zori : zori sandals